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"Listed here are a small sample of the stones we carry. We pride ourselves on being able to source any stone from anywhere in the world and all our stone is inspected by us prior to shipping from the quarry. These materials can be provided to you as either slabs for your worktop or as tiles for your walls and floors."


Stone of London's marble is only first (best) quality and we ensure this by having our own representative inspect the marble prior to shipping from the quarries. Marble is a metamorphic rock and is the result of extreme heat and pressure applied to limestone. The distinctive crystalline structure allows marble to be polished to a high gloss. Coming in a vast array of colours, with good strength, marble is ideal for use as a floor or wall covering and creates a distinguished classical look that complements every environment. Marble also comes with a honed, antiqued or tumbled finish.

All stones are available in both tiles and slabs. Slabs generally come up either 20mm or 30mm thick and tiles can be cut to any size you require, including mosaics. Traditional tile sizes are as follows – 305 x 305, 400 x 400, 457 x 457, 600 x 300, 600 x 400 and 600 x 600.