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At Stone of London we will work with you to create an unbelievable high end finish to your kitchen in keeping with some of the award winning studio's we work for. Alternatively we can offer you an amazing budget worktop where previously you would have never dreamed it possible to have granite or quartz in your home. This is the beauty of keeping all the buying, fabrication and fitting in house. We can pass all these savings onto our valued customers to ensure that we get recommended again and again. We appreciate each and every one of our customers. We know that it is a very personal decision choosing which stone to give pride of place in your kitchen.

Stone of London supplies, fabricates and fits all variations of granite and quartz worktops. Whether you are looking for a kitchen worktop, bathroom vanity unit or bespoke stonework, using granite, marble or a composite material, Stone of London can help you achieve exactly what you are hoping to whilst saving you a little bit of money along the way.

At stone of London we understand the difficulties associated in selecting a natural stone that will be aesthetically beautiful yet perfectly functional. Our service has been specifically designed to offer convenience to our clients.


Our services include:

  • Prompt quotation: We aim to return a quotation to you within 2 hours.
  • Technical Advice: Our designers and stone experts are on hand to offer you advice about your project. We understand that not everyone is a stone expert, but when you use Stone Of London you will have a stone expert on hand to answer all of your questions.
  • Personal Service: We know some clients like to be involved in every step of the process whilst others prefer to give us an instruction and let us get on with the job. Whilst using Stone Of London you will be delegated a specific project manager who is the only member of staff you will ever need to speak to. Your project manager will be flexible to how you like to work and will take responsibility for your job to ensure a finish is of the very highest standard.
  • Quality Stone: Stone Of London only uses 1st quality stone. Unlike other fabricators we only supply our client with the finest quality material and this is guaranteed!!
  • Experienced stone masons: Our stone masons are of course the most important part of our business. When using Stone Of London you can rest assured that the only people sculpting your stone are fully qualified professionals with 30 years of experience.


OUR Guarantee

It is essential for us to assure you that your Stone Of London product will retain its functionality, beauty and give you pleasure for many years to come. Because your peace of mind is a top priority, we provide every client with a suitable guarantee for every worktop we supply. This means that we completely support our worktops, and that we are always at your service to answer queries, solve problems and ensure you derive maximum satisfaction from your Stone Of London worktop. For complete Guarantee details please read our terms and conditions.



Quartz Composite Worktop Care Guide

Thank you for choosing Stone of London for your worktops. All Stone of London Quartz come with a 10 year Guarantee which is automatically applied. So that your worktops can stay at their very best you must follow the instruction below.

Stone of London Quartz worktops can burn/stain if heat is applied directly. Never place anything warm/hot directly on the surface. Please use a trivet/worktop board for chopping/hot pans. Failure to use trivets will cause white patches and the surface will lose its shine.

Your worktop is stain resistant but not stain proof. Food staining can occur and worktop saver or chopping board should be used always to combat possible stains. Remove spillage/food substances immediately to avoid possible staining.

Please do not cut directly on your worktop. Scratches can be caused by knives. Please use a chopping board.

Stone of London Quartz is durable and non-porous therefore no sealant is required making it easier to maintain compared to other solid stone work surfaces. Do not use water-repellents or sealers to attempt to bring out the shine. This can strip the shine of the worktop.

Only use soft dish cloths or fabrics to clean. Abrasive sponges such as steel based pads are not recommended as it may graze the surface.

Never stand on your Stone of London Quartz work surface.

Stone of London work surfaces may contain small colour specks up to 3mm in size.

Your new worktop is very strong but not bullet proof. Chipping of the edge, around the inside of the sink and above the dishwasher door can occur if hit with pans or hard objects at force.

Recommended Cleaning products are Warm Soapy Water, Detol Antibacterial spray or Astonish Cream Cleaner.

Do not use: stripping agents, caustic soda, degreasing products, or products with a pH over 10 or chlorine-based. Paint strippers, brush or metal cleaning products, oven cleaning products, methylene chloride cleaning products, acids for unblocking drains, nail polish remover with acetone, etc. Using these products will cause lose the shine and cause white patches.

If you use bleach or a solvent you must rinse with water and never leave them in permanent contact with the surface.

Failure to follow these instructions will invalidate your warranty.

Click here to download this Worktop Care Guide